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Dancing Freedom is a POWERFUL meditative and escatic free-form practice. 
With some guidance, the movement and music engages all aspects of our mind, body and spirit in order to re-connected these parts of ourselves so that we are freed into living life fully. 

We dance for the simple JOY of movement, for CONNECTION, to be in COMMUNITY, for self-reflection, for expression and to tap into the hidden parts of ourselves (our potential). 

Dancing allows us to enter states called "FLOW" which in psychology are characterised by heightened states of BEing, where we are HAPPY, are in the PRESENT moment, fully engaged in life with AWARENESS, CLARITY, CREATIVITY, PEACE and JOY. 

How can Dance teach us life skills?
In Dancing Freedom, we learn how to enter the state of flow through the four M's - movement, music, mindfulness and meditation. 
The dancing map is a tool for self development, where we learn to navigate our lives by learning the art of living using movement and music as our therapy. 
The dance becomes an analogy of how we live our life. 
It reveals to us where we need to "up our game", where we need to find the courage to face our fears & how to overcome challenges.

Where and when is Dancing Freedom held? 

Venue: Coolum state primary school, School Rd, Coolum Beach
TIME: 7pm- 8:30pm

No steps to follow. 
No dance experience needed. 
No dogma in the dance. 
Everyone is welcome, adults, kids, women and men of all ages, backgrounds and all abilities.

Contact: Angela on 0415 434243 or ccyogadance@gmail.com

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