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Inner Rhythm Founder & Dancing Freedom Facilitator 

Angela brings forth her life long passion for dance as a means to get to know ourselves so that we can live life fully with understanding and compassion. She uses the Dancing freedom practice as an analogy of our lives, where what happens on the dance floor directly resembles how we live, think, breath and behave in the ‘real’ world. Bringing in elements of yoga philosophy & Buddhist teachings, she has been offering weekly Dancing freedom classes as well as Raw Cacao Yoga Dance events on the Sunshine Coast. She has travelled both internationally & around Australia to dance with various teachers in 5 rhythms, Dancing Freedom, Nia, Soul Motion, African Tribal, Blindfold, Feldenkrais, Laban, Osho Dynamic & Open Floor.

  Contact: 0415 434 243; ccyogadance@gmail.com

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